Road to 300 users

It is not as excellent as I wanted, but Kickborn proudly serving over 300 users daily.

Most used features are –

  • Human Conversation – It is one of the most demanding feature of kickborn. KickBorn is not a human, but developers have worked enough to make you realize that he is not a robot. People have talked a lot with kickborn to ask his age, father, and telling their stories. This feature is ever growing and using best of AI. So KickBorn is a software robot who can talk and walk like a human beings.
  • Weather watcher – Where you tell the location to kickborn and it watches weather for you. And whenever there is a major change in the weather, it will notify you. Most of the users have appreciated this feature.
  • Jokes – Kickborn does not have a long list of jokes, But still have 200+ jokes in its dictionary to make you laugh and the list is growing daily.
  • Internet Searching – It is a unique and creative feature of the Kickborn. You can search the internet easily from Kickborn.

   Like say – you want to know the following stuff

    • What is the height of Burj Khalifa
    • What is the age of Usain Bolt
    • Who is the prime minister of Australia
    • What is the date of birth of Obama
    • When is Diwali
    • Who is the minister of Punjab
    • What is the height of Mount Everest
    • What is manic
    • Information about Stockholm
    • Who is Mary Anning

Many more interesting and unique features to come. As of now Cheers !download


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